Despite the mud and rain GuilFest was fuc*ing awesome

Posted on Tuesday, 17 July 2012

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Cheers guilfest big hand to vive le rock for putting us up. And thank you to everyone who turned up thro the mud. Much love

So back home and recovered from guilfest/mudfest. Despite the rain, what a weekend!. Apologies if I said the c-word Saturday, I meant to say runt, I'm a daft gas cunt sometimes.

Just wanna say that sometimes this music stuff is a bit shit.... when you never cover your own costs and you play to nobody, and the only time you talk to mates is plugging gigs, you kinda have enough. But thanks all who have seen us, brought the album and supported us recently, you all make it worthwhile. now we can move onto writing our new songs, which is gonna put all this bullshit pop in the charts to shame and let me tell all of you..... WE ARE IN FOR THIS RIDE TOGETHER.

Pics of guilfest to be posted soon


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