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Due to the continuing downward spiral of MySpace, we have decided to knock up a little website for our gig listings, news updates and all that.

If you're interested in booking avondale45 for a gig; please send an email totamjammusic@btinternet.com

avondale45 are:Al – Vocals / guitar,Joe – Drums,Colin – Bass -a hardworking and passionate 3 piece punk / garage / indie band from the South Coast.

avondale45’s roots can be easily identified in old school punk and more recent punk / new wave bands out there; however we have honed a certain uniqueness about our sound, lyrics and gigs.

There is the tradition of the Vandals and Stiff Little Fingers but somehow more eccentric and delightful than any of these. Check them out yes they will bring out some old nostalgia but you will be pleasantly surprised at what we have to offer.

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