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Band Members

Al – Vocals / guitar,
Joe – Drums,
Colin – Bass

Current Label

TaMJaM Music

avondale45-“the band you will love tounderestimate"

Avondale45’s talent and traditional brand of punk is a rabble-rousing rarity in today’s increasingly commercial times “ Big Cheese Magazine

avondale45 are a hard working and passionate 3-piece punk / garage band based in and around the Portsmouth and Chichesterarea. Al (vocals and guitar), Joe (drums) and Colin (bass and Vox).

Together these guys have written and recorded “In A Garage”, an 11-track no frills album, in an extended/converted garage, in just 36 hours, recorded the way it should be


This is a no-holds-barred album which recreates the energy of an avondale45 gig

made to be played f*****g loud!!.

Avondale45 release their new Album “IN A GARAGE” on the back of 2 highly successful shows in Portsmouth at what was the controversial Punk By The Sea on Friday and the already legendary Sunday DIY event at the Milton Arms Portsmouth in June 2012.

With avondale45 there is the tradition of the Vandals and Stiff Little Fingersbut somehow, they’re more eccentric and delightful than any of these. Their roots can be easily identified in old school punk and more recent bands, while carving out their own identity they have managed to create a certain uniqueness to their urban sound, lyrics and gigs.

While avondale45 can be described as very much within the punk/garage genre, and staying true to their roots, their appeal is much wider, drawing in audiences at gigs other than those who are usually associated with the punk genre.

avondale45have previously released a double A-side single - Produced by Pablo Cook(Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros,Lily Allen, Pulp, Moby,)available as a5 track CD and download.

avondale45 have played several festivals including(or booked for 2012) including Bearded Theory, Rebellion 2012, GuilFest (several times), Strummercamp, Ambient Picnic, Punk By The Sea, Woodnestock (several times), and a string of successful shows.

Avondale45 have shared the stage with bands such as 999, The Lurkers, Hugh Cornwell, The Grit, Missing Andy, Sonic Boom Six, The UK Subs, TV Smith (solo and with band), LOS MONDO BONGO, Dodgy, Department S, Mungo Jerry, the Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, McCavitys Cat, Simon Friend (The Levellers), The Vibrators, The Beat, Goldblade, The Glitter Band, New Town Kings, The Blockheads, 2 Sick Monkeys The Lambrettas to name but a few + featured on many independent / online stations mainly in the UK and Germany (previously record of the week on Radio Sylvia in Germany).

Various reviews / commentaries etc

”your shit” – an elderly gentleman in a pub.

“One of the best young bands I have seen for quite a while”.TV Smith (The Adverts)

They are worth a listen.- Punk Globe (LA – USA)

Radio Sylvia – Germany -previously record of the week.

Unpeeled.net – Is it any good? Oh yes, good songs … are few and far between.

with a strong stage presence…this was a band the crowd could get into – Sanguinearts

Street Voice UK Music Magazine - avondale45 are a new band to me but one I certainly want to hear again after hearing great numbers that everyone should have the pleasure of hearing ….

Review from Electric Grapevive

Avondale45 Live @ The Jam in Brighton

AVONDALE45 took to the stage at the Jam and launched into a blinding set of a high speed assortment of old skool punk, contemporary new wave and their own material. A three piece a la The Jam (1970s) that has developed its own voice… The songs come from the heart and personal experience, it is this mix that gives Avondale45 their rightly deserved place as a new voice on the scene.

Vinny, Cogs and Joe… delivered the set with surprising depth and power. Joe gives us a strong and imaginative rhythm backbone from the drum seat, blend in solid bass work by Cogs and then overlay this with Vinny’s often ferocious lead and high octane vocals and it is hardly surprising that you have a ‘good time’ feeling with the audience driven along almost as fast as the songs. As first act on and fresh from out of town (Portsmouth) and being the first Brighton gig, testimony to this band’s entertaining performance was found in the calls for ‘MORE!!!’ from the crowd which was sadly denied due to time constraints – well worth a listen.

From Germany (Boppy) Riot Radio - 2010 -Finally another package from England and also from a (at least for me) new band! That's quite arising my curiosity……Let's start with the music and it sounds f***** great! Awesome …… with catchy tunes and a singer who can sing and bawl if necessary. The songs come with intelligent lyrics… Also a real highlight are the 2 bonus tracks, I think they are almost better because you feel the power of the live performance.

El Diablo Web Zine - within a few minutes your toes are tapping and with a mile wide smile you’re back in dank subterranean clubs having the time of your life on cheap alcohol ….

Fearless balls that’s what this band has got. Full of beans and raring to go, these over achieving underdogs smashed into a set… armed with songs that actually stick around for a bit, and a humorous stage presence with a zinging vibe, these lads are set to be the next high achievers in the class. “Staines” Word

a particularly strong rant against a messed up world, adapting the shambling beats of the Libertines or the early Clash.. - worth a listen - Repeat Review.

avondale45 c/o TaMJaM Music – 07872173651

www.facebook.com; http://avondale45.get-ctrl.com; tamjammusic@btinternet.com

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